Maranatha​/​Sanhedrin Split

by Maranatha/Sanhedrin

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Sanhedrin brings a barrage of raw, blackened hardcore to the table that would be just as at home with the Scandinavian d-beat bands as it would with late-90s American metalcore. Maranatha comes with a sound that mixes equal parts Entombed, Crowbar, and heavy hardcore. Both bands lyrical content deals with the shame American Christianity has brought upon itself and the world, as well as the struggle of doubt, disbelief, and the reflection of self.


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released September 18, 2012



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Sanhedrin Tempe, Arizona

Sanhedrin / Synedrion

Ada-Foah Hardcore.


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Track Name: Sanhedrin - Sole Fermenting
These lines in my eyes were drawn on my own.
I've abused, misused, and grown old with time.
Taken refuge in the arms of ill remedy.
I have conquered myself by a spun etiquette.

God blesses despite ourselves.
My head is in your hands.

Child bearing. Risks taken.
Mother, how clear can it be?
It cuts like glass, but feels so much better.
This is my ill remedy.

God blesses despite ourselves.
My head is in your heads.

I am in awe of myself. Nothing, but the consequence.
These women struggle as I do. Knit together as social fabric.
Who am I? Taken. Break the body. Mold me into new form.
Track Name: Maranatha - Mourning The Light
Meaningless! Meaningless!
Everything is meaningless.
My heart longing to be filled only perceives emptiness.
Reveal yourself. Reveal yourself!
I’m inching ever closer to giving this all up.

I praise these dark nights where all I have are my loved ones.
I despise these dark nights where I feel dead inside.

I hate your silence as much as you hate mine.

No faith for your return.
No hope in these veins.
No faith.
No hope.
Track Name: Maranatha - I Never Knew You
We are the regulators.
We are the shareholders.
We are the gatekeepers.
We are the division.

And so they exclaim
“No gods. No masters.”
They will never kneel.
Because we will never kneel.

We are the death of this world.
We are the spirit of the antichrist.
We are the mockers of the cross.
We are the new voices of God.

If this is the future, or if this is the end:
Father, have mercy on us all.